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28th October 2019

About 18 months ago, the minibus belonging to The Uplands School was stolen, and never recovered. Since then, the movement of children to and from sporting, cultural, and educational events has been very difficult.

Finchfield and Castlecroft Community Association has joined Crowdfund Wolves to raise money to enable the school to buy a brand new minibus. We need to raise £29.000, and have until February 14th 2020 to do it. We have already raised in excess of £16k, made up from the insurance payout and generous PTA donations and have pledges of at least another £4k

We now have just 3 months to raise the final £10,000. Local businesses are starting to join in and help us, and The Mayor of The West Midlands, Andy Street, is backing our campaign

Every pledge or donation will appear on the crowdfund website (unless the donor wishes to remain anonymous.)

If you are able to help this worthwhile cause with a pledge, no matter how small, please visit the crowdfund website :-


Thank you for your support. 

14th October 2019

Minutes of the open meeting 9th July 2019 added to this site. The next open meeting will be held at The Community Hub (formerly St. Thomas' Church) Oak Hill Finchfield, on Thursday October 24th., at 7.00 pm.


4th October 2019

The next public meeting by Finchfield & Castlecroft Community Association will be held on Thursday 24th October 2019
at The Community Hub (Formerly St Thomas' Church) Oak Hill, in Finchfield, commencing at 7.00pm. 
Parking is available opposite the venue, behind The Co-Op. Do Not use Lidl Car Park - penalties apply.
The agenda, together with the last meeting's minutes, will be published here in October.
I hope to see as many there as possible.‚Äč

16th August 2019

Bantock Park Trees

Good morning all,

Further to my recent email asking for support for our Council's tree strategy, I read with despair this article in this weeks Chronicle. Unbelievable - you couldn't make it up.

The last thing our beautiful park needs is more car parking, at the cost of mature established trees, which have been there for a very long time. I agree at times the car park is full to capacity, but they usually open up a grassed area as a temporary overs spill, which works well and does no harm to trees. The car park is never full on rainy days, so using the grass will, when used, cause no harm, and in any event grass will soon recover - unlike trees.

Apparently the "consultation" period runs until August 30th., (Which translates to Trees being felled September 1st)

Can I please urge all of you to write to the council, explaining in the strongest terms why these trees must remain, especially when the Council wants Wolverhampton to be "greener"



Click here for link to: Bantock Park - Proposed Overspill Car Park.

14th August 2019

The Wolverhampton City Council has just launched a consultation on its Tree and Woodland strategy, aimed at protecting and improving Trees and Woodland across the city.

The City Council is encouraging members of the public to have their say and an input into finalising the strategy to help Wolverhampton become a greener city.

We are fortunate that we live in an area with a good tree and woodland cover, for example Smestow Valley, Bantock Park, and the woodland in Coppice Road, etc.,  plus the trees on private land and our roadsides.

Trees and woodland are vital to the eco balance in nature, and it is up to us to give them protection and encourage their sustainability, and so FCCA  is supporting this initiative, and would ask everyone to complete the questionnaire, which runs until September 17th. If we don't look after our trees, they will be lost for ever.

To get the questionnaire  and have your say, visit  Wolverhampton Council Tree and Woodland Strategy . 

FCCA would like to monitor the response to this survey, please email a copy to fandc.ca@gmail.com

11th August 2019

This evening we held our second speedwatch event, this time in Bhylls Lane.

The majority of drivers were obeying the limit, in both directions. Two were recorded at 41 mph, and one at 47mph.

Included in our speeders was a loud motorbike, which would have been clocked going very fast, but spotted us whilst attempting to overtake a slower vehicle. The speedwatch campaign will continue at least until the end of the year, and hopefully into 2020, with checks taking place every week at different locations and times in our area - we will be coming to a road near you, and more than likely  your road. Hopefully the "Community Speed Watch" signs will be put up soon.

All the motorists caught in  Linden Lea have received a police warning, and one was found to have no MOT.

Dates, Locations and times are with the FCCA committee, and the reports of each session will be on our website and our facebook page.

2nd August 2019

Today we had our first speedwatch event, which was held in Linden Lea.

Traffic was generally quiet, but alarmingly nearly all the cars checked were exceding the speed limit.

The majority were in the 20 - 28 mph range, some over 30 mph, and 2 drivers over 40 mph., which if taken to court could be a ban for driving at twice the speed limit. Amazingly a couple of drivers speeded up after they passed the check point, but this was recorded. All the vehicle registrations taken will receive a warning letter, and also their road tax, insurance and MOT status will be checked, and any found not to be in date will receive a police visit.

The Speedwatch team will be in the area at various locations and times most days during August.

25th July 2019

WV LIVING Public consultation. 

Wednesday 31st July 2019 - 6.00pm to 8.30pm. Drop in session at Smestow School.

This is not a FCCA meeting. It is a public information event, presented by Wolverhampton City Council, concerning the redevelopment of the Wolverhampton Environment Centre.

Click here for flyer.

Anyone who missed the chance to fill in the comment form, or submit a name for the proposed development, can do so by printing off the two forms below, and sending by email to:  info@wvliving.co.uk or by post to : WV Living, Housing Development, c/o Civic Centre, St. Peters Square, Wolverhampton WV1 1RP

Click here for the form - Proposed Development Plans.  

Click here for the form - Invitation to have your say.

24th July 2019

As a result of a recent meeting, We are pleased to announce that we have now formed a community speedwatch group.

We will be covering Tettenhall, Wightwick, Castlecroft and Finchfield. 

Our area target roads will include, amongst others,  Castlecroft Road, Windmill Lane, Bhylls Lane, Broad Lane and Finchfield Lane.

Our first outing will be in mid August, at a location to be confirmed. A police officer will accompany the group, and will video the proceedings. Motorists exceeding the speed limit will receive a warning letter, and their details recorded. Regular offenders will be invited to attend court.

There will also be permanent "Speedwatch" signs along certain roads, and a mobile radar overspeed unit will also be used.

Hopefully, these measures will make our local roads safe for all users.


24th July 2019

REDCOATS - Bantock Park play 29th August 2019  7.30pm. 

We are pleased to confirm that with help from our friends at Creative Black Country, and The Arts Council, we shall be presenting at Bantock House, The Mikron Theatre Company, with their unique production of "Redcoats" on Thursday 29th,  August 7.30 pm.

This is a family friendly show, which will appeal to everyone. There will be special guest appearances of Marlene Dietrich, Gracie Fields, and, at great expense Laurel and Hardy.

This is an outdoor event, staged in the old tennis court, adjacent to the rose garden. Bring your own chairs or groundsheet and a picnic and enjoy an evening of superb entertainment by the award winning Mikron Theatre Company.

No tickets are required, there is no charge to enter, but you will be charged to leave !!! - a voluntary cash collection will be made at the end of the performance. Providing we can sort out the licence in time, the bar will be open.

This performance  will take place whatever the weather - in the  event of inclement weather, then the production will re-locate to the indoor performance space.

Spread the word !

Click here  for details.

3rd July 2019

Next public meeting Tuesday 6.45pm 9th July 2019 at Smestow Community School.  www.smestow.org

4th June 2019

Smart Device Yoga has now been included on Wolverhampton Information Network (WIN)

Click here to see our entry.

10th April 2019

AGM meeting, 9th April 2019  7.00 p.m. Smestow School. Agenda to include proposed traffic calming measures in Windmill Lane and Castlecroft Road. Our local councillor will be present with a council officer.


28th November 2018

Next public meeting Tuesday 11th December 2018 at Smestow Community School.  www.smestow.org

27th October 2018 and 4th November 2018.

Windmill Community Church  (previously called St Thomas's Church) are holding an open day for the Community on Saturday 17th November. Come along to the little Church by Lidl, to see how the building has been restored thanks to grant funding and donations from Church and Community members.
The building will be open between 10am and 4pm.
The kettle will be on all day, and we look forward to seeing you.

See notice below dated 24th January 2017, for further information about the Church.

Click here for Church Newsletter.

Click here for Church Website.

15th September 2018

FCCA  open meeting - Tuesday 9th October 2018 at 6.45 pm,  at Smestow School,
Windmill Crescent, Castlecroft Wolverhampton WV3 8HU. 

31st Augest 2018

Our application to the National Lottery Awards for All, has been approved, and we now have funding to continue our  "Smart Device Yoga!"  drop in IT classes until mid October 2019.

Our classes are free of charge and held every Wednesday at Bantock House and everyone is welcome.

Have a look at our video, details of dates and times can also be found on this site.

If you require more information, please email Finchfield & Castlecroft CommunityAssociation at  fandc.ca@gmail.com


21st June 2018

FCCA Open Meeting, Tuesday 3rd July 2018, 7 p.m. Smestow Community School. All welcome. Agenda items will include Update on the refurbishment of the former St. Thomas' Church, details of our weekly Smart Devices help sessions at Bantock Park, and any local issues. 


Last AGM - Tuesday 13th March 2018  7pm

Room D10 - Smestow School,  Windmill Cres, Wolverhampton WV3 8H


24th January 2017

News on St Thomas's Church Finchfield   -  Click here

And please click here for newsletter.

Website: www.windmillcommunitychurch.co.uk


16th January 2017

Community please be aware of problems with traders - Click here


All are welcome to Public Meetings, as FCCA is not just an association to promote community events, but are also keen to maintain and enhance our environment and keep a watchful eye on local issues which may affect residents, and  which we direct towards the City Council, and or our local councillors, so if you have an issue, come along and make your views known. We can only help if we know about it.



Our “Smart Device Yoga” IT drop in sessions for those of you with problems with your computer, tablet, smart phone etc., held at Bantock House are proving to be a success. Sessions are free of charge, and are held every Wednesday, alternating mornings and afternoons. All are welcome, and there is no charge.



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