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UPDATE 27th may 2020.

From - Chris Jellyman Neighbourhood Safety Coordinator - City of Wolverhampton Council

The main reason I am contacting you is regarding a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) consultation.  In 2017, a PSPO was granted to tackle street drinking in Wolverhampton.  The PSPO gave the police powers to stop people from drinking, and to surrender alcohol if they are causing, or likely to cause, Anti-Social Behaviour. In addition to the city-wide prohibitions, an outright ban on street drinking was granted in St Peter's and Park wards, including the city centre.  A PSPO is only valid for 3 years, therefore we are asking people for their views on the renewal of the existing PSPO.  A four week consultation starts today, and will expire on 29th June 2020. 

The link below is is a press release which has been published today, which provides further information on the PSPO.  Within the document is a link to the survey.  

I would encourage you to complete the survey and provide your views.  

Please feel free to complete the survey and provide your views.  Please also share with anyone you think maybe interested.

Please click on this link: https://bit.ly/2ZG2YjO 



 Finchfield Flag 


UPDATE - 2 March 2020

We have finally taken delivery of our community notice boards, one in Castlecroft, adjacent to Dragonfly, and one in Finchfield, on The Green adjacent to the ramp that leads to the zebra crossing in front of the Co-op.

A banner FCCA heading will follow shortly. They have cost just under £1500, and we are grateful to Councillors Wendy Thompson, Jane Stevenson and Jonathan Crofts for arranging the necessary finance.

Wendy Dalton and Andrew Atkinson have a key, please let Wendy or myself have any community interest information you would like to goonto the boards. They use magnetic "drawing pins",(stored inside the board) which means you don't break your finger nails trying to remove them !


UPDATE - 20th August 2019.

Bantock Park trees plan scrapped. Click here

16th August 2019

Bantock Park Trees

Good morning all,

Further to my recent email asking for support for our Council's tree strategy, I read with despair this article in this weeks Chronicle. Unbelievable - you couldn't make it up.

The last thing our beautiful park needs is more car parking, at the cost of mature established trees, which have been there for a very long time. I agree at times the car park is full to capacity, but they usually open up a grassed area as a temporary overs spill, which works well and does no harm to trees. The car park is never full on rainy days, so using the grass will, when used, cause no harm, and in any event grass will soon recover - unlike trees.

Apparently the "consultation" period runs until August 30th., (Which translates to Trees being felled September 1st)

Can I please urge all of you to write to the council, explaining in the strongest terms why these trees must remain, especially when the Council wants Wolverhampton to be "greener"



Click here for link to: Bantock Park - Proposed Overspill Car Park.


14th August 2019

The Wolverhampton City Council has just launched a consultation on its Tree and Woodland strategy, aimed at protecting and improving Trees and Woodland across the city.

The City Council is encouraging members of the public to have their say and an input into finalising the strategy to help Wolverhampton become a greener city.

We are fortunate that we live in an area with a good tree and woodland cover, for example Smestow Valley, Bantock Park, and the woodland in Coppice Road, etc.,  plus the trees on private land and our roadsides.

Trees and woodland are vital to the eco balance in nature, and it is up to us to give them protection and encourage their sustainability, and so FCCA  is supporting this initiative, and would ask everyone to complete the questionnaire, which runs until September 17th. If we don't look after our trees, they will be lost for ever.

To get the questionnaire  and have your say, visit  Wolverhampton Council Tree and Woodland Strategy . 

FCCA would like to monitor the response to this survey, please email a copy to fandc.ca@gmail.com


3rd July 2018

At last the Playground in Castlecroft is complete. The finishing touch is the transformation of the oak tree stump into an owl. A local sculptor called Robot was commissioned by The City of Wolverhampton Council to carry out the work. It is a delight and a special feature of the small park area adjacent to the Playground.

  Congratulations to the “Park Squad” students from Smestow school for keeping the Park neat and tidy.    



16th January 2017

Community please be aware of problems with traders - Click here



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